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5 tech snags that shook stock markets in recent times

NSE – 10th July, 2017

A major technical glitch crippled the National Stock Exchange, India’s premier stock bourse, on Monday. Reports said the bourse was actively considering shutting down for the day after repeated attempts to start trading failed. Earlier in the morning, NSE started the session on a disastrous note as stocks and F&O quotes didn’t update and trade orders did not go through. Finally the normal trading on Nifty resumed around 12.30 pm.

Nasdaq – 3rd July, 2017

A stock market technical glitch subjected a number of companies listed on Nasdaq exchange to a share price of $123.47. The glitch sent the stock prices of some tech companies crashing and of others soaring. Nasqaq blamed “improper use of test data” that was picked up by third party financial data providers as culprits, according to a report by the Financial Times.

NYSE – 18th May, 2016

Trading for 200 ticker symbols had halted at the New York Stock Exchange due to a technical issue. It had promoted the orders to route itself to other exchanges where they could be traded. Market-on-close and limit-on-close orders were also cancelled.