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Impact investing: What is it ?

Impact investing is in vogue, and as the word suggests impact investing is all about having a strong and lasting positive effect. Impact investments are investments made into companies that seek to generate positive social and environmental impact without sacrificing the reasonable expectation of return on capital component.
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Impact investing can be done across geographies and in developing markets also. Both individuals and institutional investors are showing interest in impact investing.
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Some of the examples of impact investing can be :-
1.  Buying stocks of companies that set up water purification plants
2.  Investing in those companies (listed or unlisted) that provide electricity to schools, households, hospitals, etc.
3.  Investing in companies that are involved in organic farming, etc.
Usually the impact investors are seen to have diverse expectations(stock future tips) from their investments, with few pursuing market-beating returns, and few willing to accept below market returns to stay by the stated strategic objectives.
You can be one of the(hni future tips) investors who promote impact investing by avoiding stocks that operate in alcohol segment, cigarette manufacturing, etc. More importantly if you can identify companies that create more jobs in the rural sector and spread well-being in general for the masses then you could well be an impact investor.