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Monthly Profit Calculation

Work On The Following 3 Strategies For Monthly Profit In Share Market-:

1) Go For The Small Profits, Do Multiple Trades And Earn Thousands At The End Of The Month In Share Market

2) Cut Out The Losses In Intraday Trading Because Money Saved Is Money Earned.

3) Pick Stocks Wisely For Buying And Selling On Daily Basis

Let Elaborate Things In A More Precise Manner-:

1) Take Small Profits And Do Multiple Trades

The Successful Strategy For Day Trading Is To “Take Small Profits And Do Multiple Trades”. Basically It Has Been Observed That Many Times Traders Lose Money Due Lack Of Knowledge. For Example – Suppose If Day Trader’s Buying Price Of A Share Is At Rs.200 Then He Will Wait For The Price To Go Till Rs.204 Or Rs.205 And Then He Will Plan To Book Profit, Which Is Highly Impossible On Very Frequent Basis In Single Trade. We Feel This Doesn’t Sound Practical And This Is The Reason Why Traders Lose Money After Waiting For Long Time.

Take Small Profits And Do Multiple Trades –

This Strategy Will Assure You Get Profits, And All The Profits That You Do Throughout The Day Will Add Up To Good Amount And This Is What You Want, Right?

The Current Intraday Brokerage Offered By Us Rs 20 For Buying And Rs 20 For Selling. If You Are Interested To Open The Demat And Trading Account Then Please Visit At Demat Account Opening Page

– Brokerage – Rs 20 For Buying And Rs 20 For Selling

– The Service Tax Is Of 15% Only On Brokerage Amount.

– The STT (Security Transaction Tax) Is Of 0.025% Only Selling Amount.

– The Stamp Duty On Total Turnover For A Day Which Is 0.002%.

– And Finally SEBI Turnover Tax – 0.0002% On Turnover

So You Bought Tata Steel At Rs.315, Qty – 400 I.E. Rs.315×400 = 126000 And Sold It At Rs.316.5

You Took Only Rs.1.5 As Profit For Rs.315 Share Price And You Sold 400 Shares So Your Gross Profit Is Rs.600. Buying Amount Is 126000 And Selling Amount Is 126600 Which Adds Up To Rs. 252600

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