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Offshore IT companies to bleed as computer programmers may no longer be welcomed in the US

US Citizenship and Immigration Services rolled out a new diktat to add steam to the H-1B visa ban issue. Through the new directive, they have completely made Hni stock tips computer engineers non-eligible for H-1B visas.
Experts believe that this will push administration’s aim of reserving the temporary visas for the highly skilled professionals, and it will also keep the mid-level and low-level jobs safe for the American workforce.
After this new directive, companies have to back their H-1B applications with proper evidence to prove the complexity of the job. The administration will now scrutinise the entry level wages dovetailed with the visa applications to understand the exact calibre of the workforce Free Ncdex tips needed to complete a specific job.
This will stop IT giants based in India or other countries from recruiting low paid and low-level computer IT professionals for the outsourced jobs, presume industry observers.
A USCIS spokeswoman said, this is not a Mcx crude tips change of the policy, but this new memo is just a clarification of the existing policy. The market insiders believe that this move will make the IT industry of India bleed, as this stricter rule will make things difficult for them over the coming few days.