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Processed Dal price likely to dip by Rs2/kg owning to tax relief

In Madhya Pradesh prices of processed Dal are expected to come down in coming weeks owning to exemption of mandi tax on raw Pulses purchased from outstation for processing.

Madhya Pradesh government has exempted Pulses from 2.2% mandi tax. Leading to drop in price of processed Dal by about Rs 1.5 per kg to Rs 2 per kg since the local mandi tax has been removed. The exemption is valid on all pulses- Tur, Urad, Moong, matar- except Chana.

Processing units were running into losses due to such a high mandi tax. But the exemption will support the processing units and reduce the cost of operation.

The exemption will save Dal mills that were going to shut down because of high rate of purchase and lack of price parity.

With the exemption Dal processed in the region will become competitive with other states. The cost of purchase and operations will reduce significantly.

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